Information for users of our studio

To use the public studio you must first take our introductory workshop or demonstrate your proficiency on the press you intend to use.


Press time must be booked using the the calendar on our website. Once you have created a user account, you can book any of the presses in our public studio for $20 per hour. Payment is by cash or check.

Be aware: All late arrivals will be billed from the start time specified in your booking. No-shows must be paid in full before a new appointment can be made. Bookings can be canceled or modified up to 48 hours before their start time. This must be done by editing them on the calendar. After that time there are NO cancellations or postponements. Studio users are responsible for paying for all the time they have booked on a press. If you finish before your booking is over we encourage you to experiment with the wood type and antique image blocks in our collection. 

Ink Cooperative

We maintain a cooperative ink supply of Van Son inks from their Rubber Base Plus system. If you would like to join this co-op and use these inks all you need to do is contribute one 1 pound container from this Van Son ink system and bring it in with you the first time you print. We will add your name to the co-op list and you can use any of the ink in the communal supply. Please see the list below to see what colors are currently running low. You can order ink from the “Rubber Base Plus” ink system from Van Son.

If you prefer to keep your own inks you may do so, but you must store them at home. 

Inks Available For Use in the Co-Op:

  • Opaque White
  • Transparent White
  • Reflex Blue
  • Brilliant Blue
  • Process Blue
  • Pantone Orange
  • Pantone Warm Red
  • Rubine Red
  • Rhodamine Red
  • Red 032
  • Pantone Green
  • Amazon Green
  • Forest Green
  • Pantone Yellow
  • Pantone Violet 
  • Pantone Purple 

NOTE: If you do not bring ink it will cost $45 to join the ink co-op. This money will be used to order a can of ink for the co-op supply in your name.

Using The Type Collection at The Arm

Those who print in our studio are welcome to compose and redistribute type projects any time during our posted open hours without a press booking. If you'd like to store a project for printing or redistribution at a later date, we require that a $50 check be left as a deposit. This is to insure that type is properly put away at the completion of a project. This check will not be banked unless 30 days have passed since a user’s last visit and the type has not been put away. At this time the type will be redistributed by our staff and the check deposited. If you set type, print, and redistribute your type in a single day you do not need to have a check on file. If you fail to bring a check and want to store a project overnight you must leave the deposit in cash.

Printers interested in working with type will be assigned a storage galley for the duration that they have a check on file. They can empty their galley and request the return of their check at any time. 

If you have any questions about this policy please feel free to ask.

Photopolymer Plate Printing:

If printing from photopolymer plates please remember that our Boxcar Press plate bases use Boxcar’s standard thickness plates. I recommend their KF95 plates. Order plates at

On the Vandercooks…

Don’t forget that the Vandercooks need a half an inch for their grippers at one end of your sheet. If your paper is trimmed to size and you don’t have this margin beyond your artwork you are going to be in trouble!

Available Supplies:

Gauge Pins:

Those using a C&P Pilot press will need a set of three gauge pins. You are responsible for having your own set. They can be purchased at The Arm ($15 for a set of three) or from American Printing Equipment in boxes of a dozen (see link below).


The Arm stocks packs of coasters in a variety of sizes and shapes. See the STORE section of our site to buy these, gauge pins, and other supplies.


Letterpress Information

Services and Supplies


  • Shulman Paper – Shulman are located in the city and stock Crane Lettra and can cut it down for you.
  • Reich Paper – Brooklyn based Reich Paper sell a paper called Savoy that is an excellent alternative to Lettra. Contact them for samples.
  • French Paper – French are a small paper company with some really interesting papers. Their mill is powered by it’s own hydroelectric plant (since 1922!) and they work with recycled content. They also have really amazing sample books!